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Uber says Ottawa has the worst passengers in Canada


According to new data released by Uber on Tuesday, Ottawa has the worst average rider rating in the country, followed by Toronto and Montreal.

Hamilton came in at number four while Edmonton stands fifth.

This is the second time Uber has released the top five and lowest five ranked cities based on rider ratings.

According to the rideshare company, some Canadian cities dropped from the top spots compared to last year.

According to Uber, cities were rated based on drivers’ reviews of their passengers. If you’re wondering how to improve your city’s rating, drivers have shared some tips that can help you.

Don’t leave your mess behind. Make sure to take your trash after you arrive at your destination if you want your driver to like you and give you a better rating.

Drivers suggest passengers should always buckle up and be on time when they arrive for their ride.

Additionally, if you don’t respect your driver and slam the door of their vehicle, you’re far more likely to get a negative rating.