The World Forum - May 20th, 2024


Video leaves many with impression China is building secret army in U.S. thanks to Biden’s open borders

Republicans and some Democrats have been sounding the alarm for two years now that Joe Biden’s open borders policies are leaving our country extremely vulnerable to attack, and a new video that’s been posted online only strengthens that belief.

It is undeniable that there is significant chaos and turmoil occurring at the US border. Since Joe Biden assumed office and terminated President Trump’s effective border policies, the situation has been one of complete disorder, resulting in a surge of illegal immigrants crossing the border, notes Revolver News in an assessment of the situation and the video.

When we think about the border crisis, we typically picture immigrants from Latin America crossing over. Although that is mostly accurate, there is a new alarming trend happening at the border, and the US government has been relatively silent about it, the report notes further.

Fox News recently shared a video that depicts military-aged Chinese men crossing the US border at an alarming rate. According to the report, so many young men are pouring across that authorities are unable to provide housing for all of them, leading to an “overwhelming problem.”