The World Forum - April 22nd, 2024

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“Dramatic Increase” in Maternal and Infant Mortality Rates in South Carolina


Devastating data from two new reports by the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Control (DHEC) “show a dramatic increase” in deaths of mothers and infants. The 2023 Infant Mortality Report shows the total number of infant deaths was “the highest in nearly a decade,” with 416 deaths. In 2012 there were 435 infant deaths. According to the report, Black infants are “dying at a rate nearly 2.5 times that of White infants.”

The second report, using data from 2018-2019, investigated “66 pregnancy-associated deaths from 2019″—the state’s most recent data. The 2019 report from the South Carolina Maternal Morbidity and Mortality Review Committee (SCMMMRC) showed a 9.3% increase in maternal deaths directly related to “pregnancy itself from the year before.” The pregnancy-related mortality rate in South Carolina is higher than the national average, “especially in non-Hispanic Black women.” 

Nevertheless, the same sidebar states that “all COVID-19 deaths through 2021 were investigated.” The mRNA shots became available in 2021. Additionally, the paragraph to the left of the sidebar explains that the 2018-2019 data was based on 66 deaths from 2019. Makes sense.

However, which part of the SCDHEC 2019 report is correct—the information in the sidebar stating “all COVID-19 deaths through 2021 were investigated” or the paragraph next to it which indicates a “review of 66 deaths from 2019” were studied? There may be a reasonable explanation, but it doesn’t seem to make sense looking at the report.

Most disturbing is the fact that further down in the sidebar, SCMMMRC continues to recommend COVID-19 vaccination for “all pregnant or post-partum women” even though both maternal and infant mortality rates are markedly on the rise and there is growing evidence of harm or death to mothers and infants from the mRNA vaccines.