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Dylan Mulvaney spotted with serious 5 o’clock shadow


Dylan Mulvaney was laid low on Friday amid the backlash over her partnerships with Nike and Bud Light - only breaking cover to take out the trash.

The transgender influencer, 26 - whose tie-up with Nike to promote its women's sportwear led to criticism of the brand - was fresh-faced as she took out the garbage at her LA home.

She's also been riding out the controversy with posts to her 12.5 million followers about her recent stay at the iconic Plaza Hotel in New York City, where she was lavished with personalized treats and enjoyed room service with champagne.

Mulvaney was pictured outside her home on Thursday evening wearing a Calvin Klein denim jacket and white trousers. She wore her hair in a messy bun and sported freshly-polished fingernails for the garbage run, pausing briefly to pick up some stray trash and send a text from her cellphone.

Mulvaney hasn't addressed the reaction to her recent deals. Nike appeared to address the issue with an Instagram post urging its followers to 'be kind' and 'be inclusive' - but without referring to Mulvaney directly.