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Parents sew recording device in toddler’s jacket, capture audio of day care worker threatening to harm kids


Two employees of a San Antonio day care directed profane language toward young children, with one of the women even threatening to harm kids in her care, according to audio recordings obtained by KSAT Investigates.

The nearly seven hours of audio, recorded by a small device sewn into a toddler’s jacket in December, has caused the day care’s parent company to permanently ban both women from working at its facilities.

Hernandez made the decision to buy a small recording device and implant it into her then-20-month-old daughter’s jacket after suspecting that the child was being mistreated while in the care of Mossrock KinderCare in the 2700 block of Mossrock, on the North Side.

The audio, recorded Dec. 20, captured one employee making the following comments to young children in her care:

  • “I’m gonna go and I’m going to beat both of y’all. That’s what I’m going to do.”
  • “I’m about to throw some bitch swings at some of y’all right now.”
  • “Get up and move! Sit down (baby whimpers). Sit your ass down. Come sit down now (name redacted).”
  • “You better not be playing with that soap because I’m going to leave that soap in your hand and you’re going to eat with it (baby cries). Get away. Go sit down!”
  • “Touch it and you die.”
  • “Sit your ass down.”
  • “Just get away from me, because I will end up in jail.”
  • “You’re an asshole.”
  • “Shut the fuck up (name redacted). Go (name redacted). Get your ass over there and start jacking off over there.”
  • “You’re nasty (baby cries).”

At another point, the woman says on the recording, “I’ll start being violent. Just for her.” It’s not clear in the recording whether the woman is talking about a child or a parent who recently visited the facility.