The World Forum - May 23rd, 2024

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The joke is on taxpayers this April Fools’ Day


The Canadian Taxpayers Federation isn’t laughing at this year’s April Fools’ jokes from the federal government as it hikes the carbon tax and alcohol tax. Meanwhile, the government is also hiking salaries for members of Parliament.

The federal carbon tax will increase to 14 cents per litre of gasoline and 12 cents per cubic metre of natural gas on April 1. The carbon tax will cost the average family up to $710 this year even after rebates, according to the Parliamentary Budget Officer. 

Federal alcohol taxes will also increase by two per cent, despite MPs voting through a motion calling on the “government to cancel its April 1, 2023 tax increase on beer, wine and spirits.” 

MPs will take their fourth pay raise since the beginning of the pandemic on April 1. The CTF estimates this year’s pay raise will range from an extra $5,100 for a backbench MP to an extra $10,200 for the prime minister, based on contract data published by the federal government. 

Four out of five Canadians oppose the MP pay raise, according to a Leger poll commissioned by the CTF.