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Children given 'safer snorting kits' at Canadian school


A British Columbia high school is investigating after a guest speaker reportedly distributed “safer snorting kits” to minors following a presentation about harm reduction and drug prevention, according to Vancouver Sun.

The "safer snorting kits," which included "straws and wallet-sized cards for cutting powder into snortable lines," were distributed last week to students in the Cowichan Valley school district in Victoria, BC, the outlet reports.

Students also allegedly received a booklet titled, "Staying Safe When You're Snorting" which gives tips on having safe sexual intercourse while high, sharing equipment, as well as the variety of different drugs that can be snorted through the device such as fentanyl, cocaine, crystal meth, and ketamine.

"Have condoms and lube with you. You may want to have sex while high," one of the tips reads.

Another tip says, "Adding a personal touch to your snorting equipment will help you better recognize your own when using with others."

The incident came to light on Saturday when conservative activist Aaron Gunn posted images of the kits to Twitter.