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Netflix Series Which Incorrectly Featured Cleopatra as Black Woman Gets Worst Audience Score in TV History

 By: Jason Walsh16 May 2023

The Netflix series about Cleopatra, which changed the race of the title character from Greek/Macedonian to an African black woman, has suffered the worst audience score in TV history.

As The Daily Fetched reported last month, the government of Egypt has slammed Netflix for the portrayal, accusing them of falsely rating history for politics.

The secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Mostafa Waziri, said the Netflix show wrongly Featuring Cleopatra was a black woman represents a “falsification of Egyptian history and a blatant historical fallacy.”

However, the ‘woke’ series creators have more to worry about since brutal reviews show audiences are not buying their ‘woke’ portrayals of Cleopatra.

The series now has the lowest audience score in TV history.

Forbes Reports

While I had heard about the controversy surrounding Netflix’s “docudrama” Queen Cleopatra, I hadn’t been tracking it much since it was actually released a few days ago. It’s #6 in Netflix’s Top 10 list, and I don’t think I’ve seen it go all that much higher than that.

However, the show has done something I didn’t think was even possible. It has not just the lowest audience score in Netflix history; it has essentially the lowest audience score possible on Rotten Tomatoes, a 1%. Not a 10%, a 1%. (Update: It just ticked up to 2%. Still an unprecedented low)

There aren’t many critic reviews, but those are low as well, with the show sitting at 13%. But those audience scores? I’ve never seen anything like this. Not with bad shows. Not with politically controversial shows prone to review bombing. Never been this bad, not in Netflix’s history. Honesty, I think not even in TV history, at least with this many reviews in (over a thousand)….

The issue is the conceptualization of what purports to be a historical documentary saying that Cleopatra was a black “African queen,” as this season was supposed to be the first in a series covering different queens from the continent. But there is no terribly credible evidence that Cleopatra was black, and instead, she was of Macedonian Greek descent. The country of Egypt, in particular, has taken offense to the show altering their history this dramatically and portraying it as something they believe is non-factual in a series that is meant to be a documentary.


 The numbers say everything

The public is sick of Hollywood, and it’s becoming more obvious.

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