The World Forum - June 17th, 2024

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Newspaper calls Trudeau a 'buffoon' after lecturing Italian PM


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a self-described feminist, is being slammed for his “repugnant” behaviour after trying to “mansplain” democracy to Italian counterpart Giorgia Meloni.

Meloni seemed none too pleased Friday at the G7 summit in Hiroshima, Japan, when Trudeau told her before private, bilateral talks that “Canada is concerned about some of the positions Italy is taking in terms of LGBT rights.” He added that he was looking forward to speaking to her more about the issue and “other democratic principles that the world needs.”

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The Italian leader fired back Sunday, saying she rejected Trudeau’s criticism and that the Liberal leader had fallen “victim” to “fake news.”

Italian media was quick to condemn Trudeau’s latest misstep on the world stage with the Milan-based Libero newspaper splashing a picture of the Grit prime minister on its front page in blackface with the headline, translated from Italian, saying, “This buffoon wants to teach us lessons.”

Even Sky News Australia host Rita Panahi got in on the act, saying Meloni’s grimace while being lectured “really sums up what all of us think of the repugnant, incompetent Trudeau.”

Trudeau’s critique on Friday came in response to news that Meloni’s government told Italian city councils to stop officially recording both parents in same-sex couples and instead limit it to the biological parent. The move has sparked protests by gay rights groups.