The World Forum - May 20th, 2024


Olivia Chow, lead contender for Toronto’s mayor, is a Chinese asset – reports


The widow of the late Jack Layton may be a bit closer to Communist China than most people realize.

Olivia Chow is leading the polls to be next mayor of Toronto. Chow has a strong lead over former police chief Mark Saunders, according to a recent poll by Forum Research.

Chow is also linked to the Chinese Communist Party via a group called the Fu Qing Business Association, according to activist Karen Woods.

Woods recently slammed Chow on Twitter for associating with the group, writing:

“Olivia Chow met with Fu Qing Business Association, seeking their support in this mayoral by-election. The same people that operated police stations in the GTA. So this is someone who wants to defund our own police while cozying up to China’s police.”