The World Forum - July 19th, 2024

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Trudeau gov’t to remove religious symbols from Canadian Coat of Arms


The new design has not been made public, nor have Canadians been consulted in the change to the country's Coat of Arms.

According to the National Post, the Canadian Heraldic Authority, the body responsible for granting coats of arms in Canada, will replace the St. Edward’s Cross which has been on the Coat of Arms since 1957 with what critics call “the Trudeau Crown.” 

The new design is further expected to remove all religious symbols, replacing crosses and fleur-de-lis with maple leaves, snowflakes, and stars, which is causing some to accuse the Liberal Party of politicizing the symbol of the Crown and the Royal Coat of Arms. 

“It means the proposed Canadian crown is totally unconnected to the King or the coronation, and it means the unity of the symbol of the Royal Crown that represents the sovereign throughout the realms will be broken, further distancing the King and the monarchy as an institution,” commented Christopher McCreery, author and expert on Canada’s relationship with the Crown.