The World Forum - July 24th, 2024

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Liberals vote against motion to keep mass murderers in maximum security


Conservative Party (CPC) leader Pierre Poilievre slammed Trudeau’s Liberals for voting against a motion to keep serial killers like Paul Bernardo in maximum security prisons.

The Conservative Party tried unsuccessfully to pressure the Trudeau government to reverse Paul Bernardo’s transfer to a most comfortable prison.

The Liberals could issue an order to prison officials that would require all dangerous offenders and mass murderers be kept in maximum-security prisons.

However, the Liberals chose to vote against it, effectively standing with mass murderers, and going against the wishes of the families of Bernardo’s victims.

The Liberals shot down the motion on Monday, meaning that Paul Bernardo will remain in his relatively comfortable new prison cell in Quebec.

In response to the “no” vote, Conservative MPs chanted “you guys love Paul Bernardo” in the House of Commons.

Poilievre stated that his party will continue “fighting to protect victims,” while Trudeau is busy “putting criminals first.”