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UK to pay out over £11.5m in Covid-19 vaccine damages


The UK government is set to pay out over £11.5 million in Covid-19 vaccine damages to nearly 100 claimants, according to official data released by the NHS Business Services Authority.

A freedom of information request from Research Professional News revealed that, as of May, 72 people have received a payment from the government for being severely disabled by a Covid-19 vaccine, or on behalf of someone who died from the vaccine.

In total, 96 people have been told that they are entitled to receive money via the UK’s Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme, run by the NHS authority, which means 24 are still waiting on the cash.

The authority said that the scheme provides a “one-off, tax-free payment of £120,000 to successful applicants where.

This means the authority has paid out just over £8.6 million, with a further £2.9m approved to pay.