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Rep. Andy Biggs to Newsmax: Biggest 'Political Corruption Scandal' in US History

Biden corruption has become a U.S. government cover-up that is only getting exposed to half of America because of a complicit leftist media — all while the left is desperate to keep former President Donald Trump from office to expose it all — according to Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., on Newsmax.

"This is the biggest corruption scandal, political corruption scandal in the history of this country, and people who are supposed to investigate it were thwarted from investigating it, which is part of the scandal," Biggs told "Saturday Report."

"The other disputed disparate treatment is where they're going after President Trump, and they went after his family. If you remember, they investigated family members, trying to prove that they had committed some kind of corruption. There was nothing ever found.

"But here we have mounds and mounds of evidence, and the media doesn't say it. And that means we have half of our country perhaps that don't even know about the corruption."

Conservative political pundits have long called out Democrats for attacking Trump and Republicans for what they are actually guilty of, and it appears to be unraveling exactly in that direction, Biggs lamented to host Rita Cosby.

"The left is bound and determined that they want to stop President Trump and his quest for reelection, but more than that, they really are sincere that they want to put him in prison for the rest of his life," Biggs said. "It's a dangerous thing to see when you have the weaponization of the DOJ, and in this case, a special counsel who's going to look into, trying to prosecute and actually imprison a political opponent.

"That's unusual in this country," he continued. "It's unheard of in the United States. It's unusual in many places, but it is totally unheard of here. And I think he's sincere in trying to go after Trump because of political purposes."

The Obama administration sought to root out Trump's campaign in 2016, with then Vice President Joe Biden calling on the unprecedented use of the Logan Act. Once in office and facing a "cloud" of the Russia investigation started by Obama-Biden, Trump found true corruption in the influence peddling of the Bidens that is now being brough forward by the House GOP majority.

All of this exposing Biden, while he is now president, has effectively forced him to investigate, prosecute, and punish by imprisonment of his political opponent, Biggs warned.

"The reality is the media on the left is not even covering this: It's a travesty," Biggs continued. "But the bigger travesty to me is it basically erodes further the trust of Americans into the institutions of this country which are supposed to protect our rights, not abuse them for political purposes, and that's what's happening here.

"I am so convinced that this leads right into Joe Biden."

The impeachment of Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland — blocked from the Supreme Court by Trump's 2016 election — because of the throttling back of investigations of the Bidens, according to whistleblowers, might be the beginning of the end of the Democrats' crusade against Trump.

"The evidence seems to be pretty clear in this case that the DOJ under Merrick Garland was not hands off," Biggs said. "They were going after him. So I think he should be impeached if this turns out to be true.

"When you start talking about suppressing search warrants, tipping off the attorneys on the target of your investigation so they can hide evidence, you've got a major problem when you have people who are not able to go forward with their investigation. They're being constrained at every level. That is not the United States of America. That's a banana republic, protecting an authoritarian type of regime, and in this instance it's even before he's in there, and it's to protect him because of political purposes again, that's weaponization."

Video at link: Biggest 'Political Corruption Scandal' in US History