The World Forum - April 19th, 2024

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Elections Canada slammed for flying LGBT ‘pride’ flag at national headquarters


Canadians are condemning Elections Canada for flying an LGBT “pride” flag from its official office for the first time in Canadian history. 

On August 22, Elections Canada, the allegedly impartial agency responsible for administering Canadian federal elections, announced they are flying the gay “pride” flag from their national office in downtown Ottawa, causing Canadians to question where the organization’s loyalties lie.   

Jack Fonseca of Campaign Life Coalition condemned the organization for flying the flag, writing, “So much for being a non-partisan agency! Can we really trust Elections Canada to not be biased against, let’s say parties or candidates who oppose LGBT Pride ideology?” 

“Might Elections Canada put its finger on the scale to favor parties & candidates that support its Pride stance?” he questioned.  

“Elections Canada is supposed to be the epitome of an un-biased, non-political agency,” Fonseca told LifeSiteNews. “It should be taking great care to avoid any hint of bias, but its credibility is now shot with this highly politicized action which ties it directly to the ideology of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal regime.” 

Fonseca pointed out that the “pride” flag “has practically become the unofficial banner of the Liberal Party of Canada and its Leader,” with the Liberal party making it their logo on X.  

Notably, Elections Canada limited comments on their post to those whom they mentioned. Despite this, many Canadians are reposting the announcement and calling out the organization for their support of the LGBT agenda while also presenting themselves as a neutral party.   

Canadian phycologist Dr. Jordan Peterson questioned, “When did Canada become Prideland? Perhaps it was when we elected a narcissistic actor as Prime Minister?”