The World Forum - June 22nd, 2024

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Elections to Go Viral Again

 By now (August 2023), most of us realize that masks are useless and lockdowns do far more harm than good. The hard-learned lesson for most of the world is that these were empty and destructive gestures that should never be repeated and that governments and medical "experts" can no longer be trusted.

The lesson for tyrants, however, was that plandemics offer tremendous opportunities for societal disruption, suppression of civil liberties, population control and reduction, the fomentation of fear and the manipulation of elections.

Last year (2022) we saw a variety of boogyman plague-threats being floated to gauge public reaction in the months preceding election day in the U.S. None of them caused the hoped-for fear but did permit the furtherance of mail-in and harvested ballots.

People's News Headline, June 2022.

This year (2023) they're having another go at it.

Despite all we've learned about masks and lockdowns, harmful vaccines, government/big pharma collusion, secret taxpayer-funded bioweapons research, globalist depopulation goals and herd immunity, the Biden administration is returning to the now-discredited plandemic playbook only months after the overdue ending the last COVID emergency. It has chosen a few new COVID variants as the monsters du jour and pretense for a fresh round of futile measures that will coincide with another election.

This isn't history repeating itself, this is a tyrannical administration trying to duplicate a tested and proven tool for the manipulation of populations and elections.

I would add Brain Worms: cerebrum vermis damnum. The parasite that infects progressives which makes the capacity for stupidity limitless.

As if on cue (and it was), the local screeching between the weather forecasts was: "Be careful as school approaches and this scary new zeta-omega-upsilon-fubar variant has been detected."

Here's an electron micrograph of the zeta-omega-upsilon-feta-zorba-spiro variant of the 
Chinese COVID virus.

I couldn't resist.