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Montreal Walmart hit with complaint after transgender customer grilled over bathroom use


A customer of a Walmart in Montreal is filing a discrimination complaint with the Quebec Human Rights Commission and calling on the retailer to ensure trans shoppers can use the bathroom they feel most comfortable in.

Seth Day says he was publicly berated by an employee at a Walmart located at 5400 Jean-Talon West last week after he used the store's washroom.

"It was really traumatic and stressful, being treated so unkindly," said Day, who is transgender and uses "he" and "they" pronouns. 

"For me, that means that I don't identify as a man or woman, sort of somewhere in between. And in terms of expression, I have a beard, but I also a dress very feminine," he explained.

He says that also means he doesn't always use the same bathroom. On Aug. 25, while shopping for groceries he needed to use the facilities and headed for the women's door.

Shortly after he emerged and resumed shopping, an employee confronted him and asked, Day said, to tell him his sex. The employee, who Day said was described as an assistant manager by other staff members, also informed him that he couldn't use the bathroom because it was making others feel uncomfortable.

"To which I responded that there was no gender-neutral bathroom or family bathroom. ... What bathroom am I supposed to use, then? What about my comfort as a client?" he said.