The World Forum - July 21st, 2024

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The Final Daily Sh*thouse Thread


After more than a week of "Den/Sh*house" dedicated grievance threads, I have decided to discontinue the practice. This will be the final Sh*thouse Thread posted. I believe I've made my point abundantly clear. Moreover, whoever said it was correct, I have MUCH more pressing matters to attend to, and only a limited amount of time with which to do so. 

That said, my position on the matter of drawn-out grievances brought to IFP from other Disqus Sites has not changed. My method of dealing with drawn-out grievances, will not change. I will continue to provide a word of warning when I see the daily TWF thread become littered with ad hominems and vitriol (ie, when it becomes unreadable), and employ the issuance of limited "time-outs" where I see fit as a remedy to de-escalate certain conflicts.

Thank you,

~ Prof

Postscript: If you do happen to find yourself the subject of a time-out, it will be lifted usually after 8 hours or so. However, in order for your future comments to not end up in the dreaded Pending Folder, and thereby waiting for me to White List you once again, you'll need to post a comment (rather than sulk for a day or two). Getting timed-out sucks, I can assure you of that! Cheers.