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The Real Insurrection Began with an Escalator Ride

 Corporate media and the Democrats are fixated on the so-called “insurrection” on Jan. 6, 2021, so much so that they are attempting to imprison a past and potentially future president over supposedly causing it.

Aside from the fact that it wasn’t an insurrection, and that President Trump didn’t cause it, President Biden and his corrupt DOJ are using it as an excuse to remove Biden’s likely political opponent, banana republic-style, ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines insurrection as, “An organized attempt by a group of people to defeat their government and take control of their country, usually by violence.”

Image: Thierry Ehrmann, via Flickr // CC BY 2.0

Who exactly organized the January 6 protests? Trump held a rally that day and told his supporters, "I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard."

Protesters in fact were exercising their First Amendment right, “of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

The only major act of violence was a Capitol Police officer fatally shooting a petite and unarmed female military veteran, for which the officer received zero punishment. Capitol police opened the doors for protesters to enter, and even escorted some through the building. How much of the minor violence was committed by undercover Feds?

Despite the theater and melodrama of the January 6 Congressional committee and now Special Counsel Jack Smith taking over Trump’s persecution from the committee, the truth of the day’s events has been kept hidden by Congress, including by the U.S. House now under Republican control.

Fortunately, Tucker Carlson, now free from Fox News’s “Orange Man Bad” yoke, shed some light on January 6 through an interview with former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund. The gist of this interview spells out the real insurrection.

Federal agencies, the FBI, DHS, and the military knew there would be chaos at the Capitol that day and downplayed intelligence given to the Capitol Police Chief. They let the protest happen and prevented the Capitol Police from stopping it. Who else might have been involved? Capitol leadership including Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi?

Numerous federal agents were in the crowd instigating the protests. Despite credible threats, National Guard assistance requested by the police chief, was denied by Speaker Pelosi. She then likened January 6 to Pearl Harbor and 9/11 but denied any efforts to prevent or stop the protests, almost as if the day’s events were preplanned. 

This was an orchestrated plan by government agencies, constitutionally under the control of President Trump, to undermine his presidency and future political ambitions by a “systematic denial of intelligence and support” from multiple agencies.

Lastly, the mysterious Ray Epps is on tape instigating protesters to break the law yet has been off limits to all investigations thus far but will likely be called as a witness by Trump’s defense attorneys.

The January 6 “insurrection” conveniently pressured the vice president and Congress to quickly certify the election due to “safety concerns,” preventing the Constitutionally valid remedy of allowing the states to investigate election concerns before certifying their electors.

In other words: “An organized attempt by a group of people to defeat their government and take control of their country, usually by violence.” An insurrection.

This is the only “insurrection” that the corporate media and ruling class wants to discuss. But the real insurrection began much earlier. I contend that it began on June 16, 2015. Politico called it, “The escalator ride that changed America.” Indeed, it did as this ride soon turned the Constitution into toilet paper.

Initially Trump was thought of as a buffoon promoting his ego and media persona. Corporate media gleefully gave him endless coverage, not to promote Trump’s novel political ideas but to boost their ratings. The ruling elite soon stopped laughing when it appeared that Trump would win the Republican nomination and had a high probability of beating their favored candidate, a corrupt and unlikeable previously failed presidential candidate.

The Obama justice and intelligence agencies then concocted “evidence” that candidate Trump was colluding with the Russians to steal the 2016 presidential election. They knowingly lied to FISA courts so they could spy on Trump and his campaign team and associates, hoping to derail his election. These same agencies deliberately suppressed the illegalities of Trump’s political opponent.

Despite their efforts, Trump was elected president, and these same agencies doubled down, lying and continuing to spy on Trump’s transition and administration to secure a partisan special counsel investigation of Trump, casting a shadow on his presidency and limiting his ability to govern.

For example, under the cloud of being “Putin’s puppet,” Trump couldn’t engage productively with Russia. Look where are now as a result.

Once again, it was “An organized attempt by a group of people to defeat their government and take control of their country.” An insurrection.

The same ruling class group, although out of elected, but not administrative power, rigged the 2020 election. First through COVID, which today is looking more and more like a planned exercise to damage Trump’s reelection prospects.

Conspiracy theory? Not anymore. Sen. Ron Johnson “alleges that COVID was pre-planned by an elite group of people. Event 201” in October 2019. From the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security,

What was an exercise, or dress rehearsal, in 2019 became reality the following election year.

 COVID lead to unconstitutional election law changes and mail in ballots, previously considered fraud-prone by many Democrats including Jimmy Carter. Ballot counts stopped on election night in a few swing states and cities, only to resume the following day with Trump no longer leading. Election challenges were routinely denied by courts citing “standing”. Congress did nothing. America’s national police state, the FBI, DOJ, and DHS colluded with social media and big tech giants to suppress any talk of election interference.

We recently learned of a Michigan cover-up in Muskegon over, “8,000-12,000 likely-fraudulent voter applications submitted by Biden campaign-financed GBI Strategies in October 2020.” Despite this being given to the FBI to investigate, the FBI did nothing. Instead, they targeted Catholics as domestic terrorists.

Ten thousand ballots here and 10,000 ballots there and it’s not difficult for a corrupt and cognitively challenged candidate who campaigned from his basement to somehow receive 81 million votes, far more than his charismatic and popular predecessor Barack Obama.

Fake preprinted ballots were sent to shopping malls, restaurants, and convenience stores where no one lives. These undeliverable ballots were filled out, submitted, and counted, without signature verification or any other validity safeguards, as Jay Valentine outlined in American Thinker last week.

Unsurprisingly Trump pushed back, and now a weaponized DOJ and Democrat state AGs are indicting Trump left and right, attempting to thwart his 2024 candidacy and ideally put him in prison for the rest of his life.

The latest Georgia indictment includes such horrendous crimes as Mark Meadows sending a text message asking for a phone number or Trump telling supporters to watch OAN.

Meanwhile the corrupt Biden Family receives a pass for taking tens of millions of dollars in foreign bribes and laundering the money through dozens of shell corporations. The media says 'meh.' The justice and intelligence agencies obfuscate to protect Biden and refuse to properly investigate. 51 intelligence officials lied by saying the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation. Yet Trump is indicted in a RICO conspiracy for tweeting supporters to watch TV.

Sound familiar? “An organized attempt by a group of people to defeat their government and take control of their country.” An insurrection.

The left now controls the government. But the government is more than that. Remember Abraham Lincoln’s description, “Government of the people, by the people, for the people.” That is who the insurrection is now directed toward, Trump and his millions of supporters. Trump is leading his GOP opponents by at least 40 points.

The real insurrection was not the orchestrated January 6 false flag, but an ongoing effort by the unelected administrative state and the bipartisan Democrat and Republican ruling class to defeat Donald Trump and the people who support him. It began with an escalator ride and is now a banana republic witch hunt.

How will it end? Trump repeatedly said, “We caught 'em all.” At some point he will have to put up or shut up. If he did indeed catch them, this will be a mega-tsunami tearing the heart out of the deep state, with hope for making America great again. If he is bluffing, Trump will be watching from behind prison bars as America descends into an Orwellian dystopia of economic and societal collapse.

We are approaching the final act of Trump versus the deep state. As the enigmatic Q said repeatedly, “Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing.” But what exactly is coming? As Trump likes to say, “Let’s see what happens”.

Image created by: DooDy

Source: The Real Insurrection Began with an Escalator Ride - American Thinker

Brian C. Joondeph, M.D., is a physician and writer. Follow me on Twitter @retinaldoctor, Substack Dr. Brian’s Substack, Truth Social @BrianJoondeph and LinkedIn @Brian Joondeph.