The World Forum - June 16th, 2024

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This is what happens when Justin Trudeau neglects issues that really matter to Canadians

Much of the anger the Liberals are facing is justified — rooted in a feeling that the government isn’t as concerned with the issues Canadians care about, Althia Raj writes.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau acknowledged this week that: “It’s not an easy time to be a politician.” He wasn’t referring to fears for his — and others’ — safety, rather he was responding to the backlash he and his government have received from Canadians angry with the Liberals’ outlook, their actions, or lack of actions, on several files.

Some of that outrage is misplaced, spurred by misinformation and opposition rhetoric. This month, in P.E.I., for example, I got an earful from a taxi driver in Montague, upset with Trudeau for “wanting to take all our guns away” and “funding wars overseas” (wars in plural).

But a lot of the anger is justified. For some, it’s rooted in a feeling that the Liberals aren’t as concerned with the issues they care about: fears they’ll lose their home because of rising interest rates, or frustration at being unable to find a family doctor despite repeated election promises, or anxiety over having to pay for environmental policies they don’t understand, but which make life more expensive.