The World Forum - April 13th, 2024

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LILLEY: Poilievre wows crowd in Quebec, Trudeau invisible in India

 The two political leaders had much different weekends with Poilievre being celebrated and Trudeau ignored.

Poilievre wowed the crowd and his critics with a speech that offered Canadians hope on the most pressing issues facing the country. He pointed to housing costs doubling – both mortgage and rent payments – since Trudeau took office and highlighted the rising cost of food, fuel and energy.

“The good news is that life was not like this before Trudeau and it won’t be like this after he’s gone,” Poilievre said.

“Which proves we can turn the hurt he has caused into the hope that Canadians need.”

Former Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney told his son Mark via text that he’s seen a lot of convention speeches since his first convention in 1956 and Poilievre’s was “probably the best.”

The convention came as Poilievre’s personal popularity has been rising in the polls. An Angus Reid poll shows twice as many Canadians view him as the best prime minister compared to Justin Trudeau while an Abacus Data poll shows Poilievre with a positive personal approval rating among Canadians.

Both polls also have Poilievre and his Conservatives with a commanding lead as Liberal support bottoms out.