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WARMINGTON: Another tribute to WWII Ukrainian Nazi unit in Oakville

 Joe Warmington

Published Sep 25, 2023

The first thing Canada should do after fully investigating Jaroslav Hunka’s Nazi war record is tear down the cenotaph commemorating his former SS unit.

Long before Friday’s controversy in which the House of Commons honoured a 98-year-old who fought in a volunteer unit that was part of the Nazi war machine in Ukraine during the Second World War, a giant statue marking those who served in that division — the 14th Waffen SS —  was erected in Canada.

It sits inside the St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Cemetery in Oakville, between Canadian and Ukrainian flags.

While Canada’s left embarks on its vengeful binge to erase the country’s history by tearing down or boarding up statues of Father of Confederation Sir John A. Macdonald, Queen Victoria, James McGill and Egerton Ryerson — and is set to spend millions to change the name of Dundas St. — a member of this Nazi unit was cheered in Parliament and a statue honouring the division stands tall.

But we didn’t get an apology from the federal government. While calling the incident embarrassing, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau passed off the blame to Speaker of the House Anthony Rota, while asking Canadians to be aware of Russian propaganda and misinformation.