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Oktober Celebrations and Protest

 October’s autumn gloom continues into November, briefly broken by the festivities of Halloween, a fantasy holiday when children dress in costumes and pretend to be people and things they are not.

 October is also a time when a tiny minority of adults often dress in costumes and pretend to be things and people they are not, because the entire month of October is LGBT History Month, with it’s own woke fantasy celebrations:

 October 8 - International Lesbian Day

October 11 - National Coming Out Day

October 17-24 Genderfluid Visibility Week

October 19 - International Pronoun Day

October 19 - Spirit Day (Support for LGBTQ+ Youth)

October 23-29 Asexual Awareness Week

October 26 - Intersex Awareness Day

 How ironic, and what a disproportionate number of celebrations for such a tiny proportion of the USSA’s (if not Earth’s) population.

How could so few people have so many holidays, not just in October but all year ‘round? How do so few speak with such a loud voice and what drives them and their endorsers?

 The answer is clear if you understand that the former Marxist class struggle has been strategically replaced by a Marxist-derived cultural struggle, and it's clearly visible in this photo of Clemson students protesting their university's decision to remove tampon dispensers from men's lavatories (men don't menstruate) on campus:

Do the anarchy and communism symbols seem out of place among protestors outraged that Clemson is removing tampon dispensers from men’s rooms? Not if you understand that the LGBT-etc movement is a cultural push that shields itself from criticism through a false pretense of that asserts “love” is a human right, and anyone who disagrees is a “homophobic” bigot.

 The left is constantly discovering new rights—human or otherwise—and declaring them inviolable as if they have the force of law and full support of The People™ even if they don't.

 This has nothing to do with love unless one defines love as normalizing sexual perversion, which has long been a goal of communist subversives. This has everything to do radical change to deconstruct, disrupt and destroy existing society, culture and institutions—completely anarchistic by nature.

 Notice any clues in this photo of one of those absurd men’s room tampon dispensers:

As you can see, it’s all about change, not about menstruation, love or human rights. It’s not a solution to a pressing problem, it’s a cynical message that the left is ready, willing and able to impose it’s twisted values on you and make you a pariah if you don’t walk in lockstep—or until your freedom of thought is eliminated.

RE: "How do so few speak with such a loud voice and what drives them and their endorsers?"

 Homosexuality used to be called, "The love that dare not speak it's name". Nowadays it's the aberration that won't shut the f#ck up.

 "Homo-leftism" and it's incestuous cousin "Transgenderism" are fashionable these days. Damn, how I long for the days of so-called "Toxic Masculinity", when men were men and women were, well, women. *

 The world was a better place then. Not perfect, but better.

On a more sinister note, destruction of "traditional gender identity" and destruction of the traditional family are just more ways of destroying civilization and culture, especially Judaeo-Christian culture. The freaks holding the signs in the picture above are what Stalin referred to as, "useful Idiots" - they're too dumb to realize that when it all collapses, they'll be the first to go.....