The World Forum - May 20th, 2024


Russian superweapons rarely explode, but when they do, they kill all the scientists

 I am not making this up.

 Reliable sources from among defecting Russian scientists have said that around 2020, Russia developed a “superweapon” named Burevestnik, a nuclear-fueled missile, basically a flying Chernobyl, capable of flying for days before dropping. They produced 6 missiles for testing. Four failed to launch, and two flew, but fell around the Kola Peninsula without exploding. It took them months to locate one in the water and to assemble a team of divers and scientists. When they tried to lift it, it exploded and killed all the divers and scientists, hundreds of people. The second unexploded superweapon is still in the bog somewhere, and they are still afraid to come near it. That's the kind of “superweapons” Russia is bragging about.

 After that 2020 explosion, President Trump stated that Russia had broken a treaty by conducting a nuclear test. What he didn't know is that the actual test happened months earlier. Now we know.

 Putin had been bragging about this rocket since 2018. This is how it was presented in the Russian media. It says, "Russian Rocket "Burevestnik" has made the USA nervous."

This story has just come out today for the first time, and the only link is this YouTube interview below. It’s in Russian, but you can set up automatic English subtitles. Not perfect, but it does the job. The first half is about that superweapon, and the second part is about the Wagner Group training Hamas and Hezbollah fighters in their camps. Also of interest.

 The interviewer is Yulia Latynina. I follow her channel and I’ve read about a dozen of her books. She is an expat journalist and author, who sometimes publishes op-eds in the U.S. media.

 Her guest is Vladimir Osechkin, a legitimate human rights activist who escaped Russia to France in 2015 and is now under 24/7 protection from the FSB by French security.

 His sources are Russian rocket and nuclear scientists who worked on that project and have recently defected to the West with his help. Taking people out of Russia and briefing them is what his organization does, which is why he needs that protection.