The World Forum - April 22nd, 2024

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UK Journalist Arrested for ‘Malinformation’ After Exposing Trudeau Applauding Nazi


A British independent journalist has been arrested after he condemned the Canadian parliament’s lauding of a Ukrainian Nazi Waffen-SS member.

Warren Thornton was hosting an edition of his webcast The Real Truth on the evening of Sunday September 24 when police officers knocked at his door.

The video blogger has been critical on social media of NATO’s support to Ukraine in its conflict with Russia. He had also helped expose the dark past of 98-year-old Ontario resident Yaroslav Hunka, who was given a standing ovation in the Canadian House of Commons last week during a speech by Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky at the invitation of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

There they attempted to serve him with a formal caution for ‘malinformation’ in relation to 16 videos he had posted on social media.

Thornton said the officers interrogated him became “flustered” when he asked which videos in particular they objected to. He added that his lawyer “ripped them to bits” and demanded the police “charge him or release him.”

He was finally released without charge or caution on Monday, left with a lengthy train journey home.

Several of the videos presented by Thornton discussed the conflict in Ukraine, focussing on the failure of Kiev’s counter-offensive and its indiscriminate shelling of civilian areas. Another discussed the evidence presented by the Russian Ministry of Defence of the US biolab program in Ukraine, linking it to the COVID-19 pandemic.

One in particular, entitled ‘Spies, Lies and Mercenaries’, exposed how French intelligence agents were working with foreign militants in Kiev as early as 2020, two years before the conflict with Russia. Another delved into last week’s invitation of Ukrainian Nazi Yaroslav Hunka to the Canadian parliament.

During the Second World War, Hunka was a member of the notorious 14th Waffen-SS Grenadier Division Galicia, a unit of Ukrainian collaborators recruited by the Nazi occupiers which took part in massacres of the civilian population. After the Axis defeat in 1945, Hunka was among thousands of Ukrainian Nazis who emigrated to the Soviet Union’s erstwhile ally Canada — including the grandfather of Foreign Minister and Deputy PM Christia Freeland.

Trudeau apologised for the outrage on Monday — before attempting to shift the focus to alleged “Russian disinformation.”

The incident highlights the concerns of free speech advocates that the Online Safety Bill, currently being debated in Parliament, which could be used to crack down on commentators who criticise the official government line.