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You Should Get a Gun


Things are starting to look like they're going to get dire, and you should probably get a firearm for self-defense.

 The reason you should get one probably isn't going to surprise a lot of my readers. In fact, this isn't necessarily directed at you scrolling through this article (unless you don't own a firearm, in which case, sell your cloak and buy one) but the people you might know who are either on the fence or don't think something nasty isn't coming their way.

 Something is coming this country's way, and if our recent history has taught us anything, it's going to get bloody in the streets.

 The thing coming is the 2024 election. While all elections have a "this is the most important election in our lifetime" feel hanging over it, this election is particularly tense. That tension is only going to grow from here, and you're going to see it get worse by leaps and bounds after the Republicans nominate their candidate to run against President Joe Biden.

 No matter who gets the nomination, you're going to see the left flip out and begin ramping up riots, protests, and violence, likely because the media will stir the fears and anxieties of those who still believe them. If the pattern holds, then the media will focus on a cause of some sort that will foment hatred and division that puts Republicans at the center of the blame.

 But the real barrel of gunpowder in the middle of it all is the fact that, as of this writing, former President Donald Trump is likely to win the nomination. Provided something doesn't happen that alters the course of the primary, Trump currently stands the highest chance of winning.

 As I wrote yesterday, this is causing some very real panic among the left...and we know how they can get when they feel like their backs are against a wall.

 The left has been convincing itself that Donald Trump is the manifestation of everything that is evil in this world. As I write this, the left is currently directing its useful idiots and mouthpieces to repeat that Donald Trump's reelection will cause something of an invasion of America by American armed forces.

 Never mind that there are literally heavily armed federal agents showing up at people's houses for even potentially being connected to the January 6 event and that the Democrats were infusing the IRS with over $80 billion for "enforcement." Trump wants to park a tank in front of your house, take aim at your living room window, and shoot your dog with it.

 As the threat of Trump being president again gets closer and closer to being true, the rhetoric from the left will ramp up the violence in the streets just like it always does. Whether it's done under the banner of a cause or some nebulous anti-Trump reasoning won't matter. The point isn't the cause, the point is the mental effect it will have on society.

 "Trump = violence."

 That's what they want you to think whenever Trump comes up.

 It's my opinion that the left is well aware that violence is on the horizon as well. PBS published an article in August warning the public that the threat of political violence is rising as 2024 draws closer, only they're trying to get out ahead of it by making the upcoming violence seem like something the right will be responsible for:


Experts warn the escalating rhetoric could increase the risks of violence, especially as the 2024 election and Trump’s trials draw closer. Lone attackers acting impulsively, rather than mass violence such as the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, are the greatest worry, said Javed Ali, a former senior FBI counterrorism official now at the University of Michigan.

 “That threat can materialize very quickly with no notice,” he said.

 This is, of course, nonsense. Political violence is common on the left, especially during election time. Republicans tend to be very peaceful, and January 6 is so convoluted with inside job evidence and Democrat manipulation that you should take any claims about it being proof of Republican (or even Trump voter) violence with a whole truckload of salt.

 It's not conservatives the nation needs to worry about getting violent. The violence will come from the left as sure as day turns to night, and you need to be ready when it does, especially if Trump gets close to or obtains the office of the Presidency. Should that happen, the reaction from the left will be fiery both figuratively and very literally.

 Violence will be cheered on by Democrat politicians, a fearmongering media, and leftist advocacy organizations of every variety. In their self-induced fear and panic, they will begin destroying and assaulting, attempting takeovers of city blocks, and punishing anyone they believe to be guilty of paving the way for Trump's return.

 You need to be able to defend yourself if you happen to find yourself in an area where the backlash happens.

 As Jeff Charles wrote in an article on Monday, it would appear that gun sales are already skyrocketing in anticipation. This proves that my warning to arm and train yourself isn't some hyperbolic clickbait. There's a very real danger here. The left has taught America what it's willing to do when it doesn't get its way, and America needs to be prepared for that inevitability.

 Go buy a gun. Learn how to use it. Learn the laws around it.

 And pray you never have to use it.

Source: By Brandon Morse - RedState | 6:52 PM on November 22, 2023