The World Forum - June 22nd, 2024

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COP28 Demands Reduction in Kerry Emissions

 Some "greenhouse gases" don't come from a greenhouse and are deadlier than others. U.S. "Climate Envoy" John Kerry proved that by emitting an ASBD (Almost Silent But Deadly) cloud of noxious anal fumes whilst sitting between two other climate change alarmists in Dubai on Sunday.


The moment was caught on camera but cannot be seen with the naked eye:

However, this thermal image reveals the intensity of Kerry's flatulence:

And so the deaf among you can enjoy it too, here's an audio recording:

Kerry's Fart audio

Comrades, it's time to take action and permanently confine John Kerry to an air-tight room in his mansion by the sea.

If a cow farts out in an open field, that cow must be brought into compliance. John Kerry farts in a closed room and China laughs, while enjoying coal fired electricity. There’s a joke on us in there somewhere.

Various sources at links By: DooDy