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The Israelis grappling with helping sick Palestinians

 By Caroline Hawley

BBC News

Yael Noy doesn't wear military fatigues, but she describes herself as being in battle right now, after the Hamas assault on 7 October.

"I'm fighting to be good," she tells me. "I'm fighting to stay moral when both sides are in such terrible pain. I'm fighting to be the same person I was before."

Yael heads a charity called Road to Recovery, a group of Israeli volunteers who drive sick Palestinians - mostly children - from checkpoints in the occupied West Bank and Gaza to hospital appointments in Israel.

In the immediate aftermath of 7 October, Yael says she was so shaken that she could barely breathe.

"Something was broken in my heart and I said that I would never talk to people in Gaza again," she tells me.

But after a few days, she decided that she couldn't allow the atrocities to change her.

She and most of the Road to Recovery volunteers have continued to drive Palestinians from the West Bank to hospitals in Israel for cancer treatment, organ transplants and kidney dialysis. As soon as she can, she says she'll go and collect patients from Gaza again.