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US Climate Envoy Updates Diplomatic Status with China from Frowny Face to Wagging Finger

Washington, DC -- In a shocking development, US Climate Envoy John Kerry today upgraded his diplomatic stance regarding China's climate policies from "Frowny Face" directly to "Wagging Finger."  This bold stance by the United States completely bypassed "Angry Eyebrows" in a move that stunned most of the diplomatic world.

 The stern action was because of China's apparent lack of progress on climate goals set by various UN committees.  China has been steadily building coal-powered power plants for decades and currently generates more CO2 than the rest of the developed world combined, despite being reportedly "just as concerned about greenhouse gasses as John Kerry."

 Mr. Kerry was asked about the powerful international rebuke aboard his private jet as he flew from the climate conference in Dubai today to his house in Martha's Vineyard, MA, because he had forgotten his Airpods.

 Before returning to Dubai, he stated "I'm at a loss for words.  It's almost as if the Chinese don't believe what they say publicly. They expect everyone else to follow strict rules to reduce man-made greenhouse gasses, but don't follow these same policies. Actions speak louder than words."


Premier Josef Stolen's energy secretary has proposed a method to curtail China's carbon footprint.

John Kerry is quite pleased...

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