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If Fani Willis’ Get-Trump Case Were Legit, Democrats Wouldn’t Be So Desperate To Keep It In The DA’s Office BY: MARGOT CLEVELAND JANUARY 25, 2024 9 MIN READ

From their efforts to keep this case in Fulton County, Democrats have made clear that they know Willis’ case against Trump is bunk. According to a joint motion to dismiss and motion to disqualify filed earlier this month by defendant Michael Roman — the Trump 2020 campaign’s director of Election Day operations — Willis was having an affair with the still-married Wade when she hired him as a special prosecutor. Roman’s motion also charged that Willis personally benefitted from the money paid to her alleged lover because Wade then used those taxpayer funds to pay for Willis to accompany him on vacations on both the Norwegian and Royal Caribbean cruise lines. Roman’s motion alleged that Willis appointed Wade to serve as a special prosecutor without the approval of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners and even though the district attorney’s office had many more qualified attorneys already on staff. Yet from Nov. 1, 2021 to Oct. 31, 2022, Willis paid Wade nearly $300,000 — $100,000 more than Willis’ annual salary of $198,266.66. Since Oct. 31, 2022, Willis has entered additional successive contracts with Wade, setting a $250-per-hour billing rate for her alleged lover. According to Roman’s motion, to date, Willis has likely paid Wade close to or more than $1 million. These facts establish a disqualifying conflict of interest, Roman posits, as they both have a personal interest and stake in Roman’s conviction. That conflict, the defendant argues, deprives him of his due process rights to a fundamentally fair trial. .................. More Here: ..................