The World Forum - June 22nd, 2024

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Tucker Carlson Warns Canadians of ‘Destruction of You and Your Culture’

The American media personality and former Fox News host shared the stage with Alberta Premier Danielle Smith. If Canadians want to see change, they shouldn’t wait for politicians or elections, but start with changing themselves. “The first thing that you need to do before changing anything in your country, is to change everything about your heart,” he told a sold-out audience of 4,000 at the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre. “You need to change inside. Your attitude needs to change, and your timidity needs to be replaced by bravery.” Mr. Carlson, who also warned Canadians about forces seeking to destroy their culture, said it’s concerning that civil liberties, which he said have been granted by God, not the Crown, have been eroded in Canada. The political commentator and former Fox News host shared the stage with Alberta Premier Danielle Smith, high-profile clinical psychologist and speaker Jordan Peterson, and entrepreneur Brett Wilson, who acted as host for one segment of the show. Responding to Mr. Carlson’s questions, Ms. Smith decried federal regulations targeting the energy sector and noted the need for conservatives to have more presence in key institutions. During his talk in Calgary, Mr. Carlson spoke of his connections to Canada, saying he is part Canadian because his forefathers settled in Nova Scotia before moving to the United States. “I think Canada is the prettiest country in the world,” he said. But he listed a number of issues that he said are substantial problems in the country. One major issue, he said, is the Canadian federal and provincial governments’ drug policies, such as legalization of marijuana and the recent initiative by B.C. to give fentanyl to youth as part of its “safer supply” program. “They’re trying to kill your children, which are your inheritance, so the only meaningful thing you will ever produce on earth,” he said.