The World Forum - April 21st, 2024

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If you want to accuse me of having no alternative, I'll answer this. The People/party I will support, has these issues at it's foundation.


  1. Accepting and identifying America's enemies. For too long the patriotic Americans have been convinced to view their enemies as deserving of our considerations and even our wealth. This is insane.
  2. STOP ALL IMMIGRATION. ALL. And, whenever the left brings up the idea of resuming immigration, the answer should be "Yes, I agree, immigration should be resumed, now we only need decide WHICH, white country we'll be accepting the BEST candidates from."
  3. No more gay marriage, no more government involved in marriage at all. Gays should be strictly forbidden from certain jobs AND from adopting. They choose not to have families when they choose degeneracy. Those jobs would include all those that put them in contact with children.
  4. Silicon Valley, a CIA run industry, needs to be in the people's hands. You can call this socialism or whatever else you want, but the opposite, what we have now, is just tyranny. You choose.
  5. Recognizes that the mass majority of women are incapable of logical and reasonable thought, will be manipulated via their emotions, and therefor need a state created test, to assure that they are qualified to vote. I'd be absolutely fine if this test was applied to both men and women, but it MUST be applied to women, or they will continue to follow charismatic demagogues. "Women with vagina hats where their brains should be."|
  6. Go to war on hard drugs. Because the drug dealers are at war with life.
  7. Make BLM and ANTIFA what they are, terrorist organizations, and create special prisons for the enemies of America. Yes, it's like a Re-education camp, but that is what we will need for a while to purge the miseducated.
  8. Close all public schooling as mandated, regulated or interfered with in ANY way, by the Federal Government and allow the states to compete in an "Open Market of Ideas" with the resulting citizenry's lives, being the obvious facts needed to judge the education's efficacy.
  9. End the Fed. That thing is a parasite that steals trillions from us. We'd all be 1950's rich, or richer, able to have a family and buy a house on a janitor, or bus driver's salary, if it weren't for that Rothschild run institution.