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Solar Eclipse- A National Emergency and Food Shortages?

 You can't make this stuff up!


Various posts on Facebook caught my eye this morning. It turns out that around parts of the USA, there are empty grocery shelves, long lines for food and queues for gas. After all, the April 8th solar eclipse could cause death and destruction.

The National Guard has even been called to duty in Oklahoma. You know, to protect the locals from the hysterical hoards of tourists that will be flocking to small towns everywhere.

 Having read the above article, the reason why the nuclear unit is involved is clear as mud. But a National Guard spokesman did state that the team is “just really a very highly-trained unit that can respond to various amount of things dealing with large crowds." Good to know!


 In fact, some local governments have been making emergency plans and preparations for months in advance. National guard units and military installations have been called in and are involved to keep people safe. Now I understand that some places can expect more than a few tourists, but really? Isn’t this overkill?

 Then there are the projected food and fuel shortages.

News flash!

 Just to say it, a solar eclipse is not a national emergency, it is not a state emergency and it isn’t a local emergency.

 To both encourage people to “stock up on food and fuel”, while simultaneously decrying that the shortages that will make this some sort of crazy COVIDcrisis toilet paper shortage is just…well… bizarre behavior on the part of government officials.

 and just to write it, solar eclipses just aren’t that “special”.

The last eclipse in the USA was in 2017 and there was a big one in 1970. Near as I can tell, the USA didn’t suffer during these solar eclipse “attacks”. No one died. No one lost bladder or bowel function - due to fright or a lack of toilet paper. Animals didn’t go bat-shat crazy. Basically, what happened was that for a few brief minutes the day turned to night. Then day happened again. Life went on as before.

 Remember how during previous solar eclipses there were internet and cell phone outages, food shortages, and traffic jams?

 yeh - I don’t either…

 Here is a little secret - within each 24 hour cycle, there are at least 8 hours of total darkness. How do we all survive each night without stocking up on toilet paper, food and fuel?

 I get that some people won’t be driving to work or school but instead will be driving to view the eclipse from a better angle. That for one long weekend - tourism will boom in unexpected places. But let’s face it, that eclipse is cutting a pretty big path through much of the USA. So, really? That many people driving to a single focal point for a better view? So many people on the move that it is likely to create some sort of food shortage?

 You know, kind of like the huge food shortages that happen every year at Thanksgiving or Christmas? We all survive those yearly “mass movement” events just fine without food or fuel shortages. So, the whole idea that the world will come crashing down is just more fearporn of the worst sort.

 This is a manufactured crisis.


Does anyone remember Y2K? Yeh, that Y2k.

An estimated $150 billion was spent in the United States to “upgrade” computers and application programs to be Y2K-compliant in 1999. Because it was predicted by a few and spread by MSM, that all the computer systems in the world would come to a screeching halt due to a programming bug. There were even dire forecasts of computers exploding, buildings burning, and commerce ending. Come January, 2000 - basically nothing crashed, nothing burned and the economy didn’t even blip. Life went on as normal. News of the death of the Internet, all things computer and life as we know it was greatly exaggerated.

 Another non-event. Hyped by state sponsored media to push us all into buying more big tech product.

 For this one - first they hype how people need to travel to get the best view, followed by the hype that the eclipse tourism will cause widespread shortages.

 Then they call out the nuclear national guard in advance and wonder why “the far right” has gone crazy with conspiracy theories. Which, well - which are actually pretty funny - even if some take some of them seriously.

 I am now officially guilty of having just spent way too much time looking at crazy conspiracy theories regarding the eclipse on Twitter and trust me, the vast majority of these posts are either hypnotically weird or they are making fun of the whole circus.

 This one was particularly bizarre.


 By the way, the repackaged video - above is not CERN and has nothing to do with the eclipse -it is from 6 years ago:

  “The Swiss have put on one of the most bizarre opening ceremonies in history to mark the completion of the world's longest tunnel at a fairground in Erstfeld, in the north of the country. Famed for their trains, organizers roped in more than 600 dancers.”

The crazy train that just collided with CERN and the solar eclipse just doesn’t stop. But it is a hoot!

 The “fact-checkers” of MSM are now going into a feeding frenzy because Alex Jones dares to voice the opinion that the US government might be using the solar eclipse “event” to train for emergency crowd control, which might be needed during or after the 2024 election. Honestly, who is to qualified say that Mr. Jones isn’t either right or wrong?

 Beyond that - I think we can all triangulate fact from fiction.




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