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Biden’s Order: Let There Be Electric Trucks

EPA’s latest EV mandate is the most costly and fanciful to date.

The Environmental Protection Agency chose Good Friday to roll out its burdensome electric truck mandate, no doubt so fewer people notice. Biden officials well know the damage they are doing, but the damage in the name of climate change is the point.

EPA’s new emissions standards for heavy-duty trucks will effectively require that electric semi-trucks make up an increasing share of manufacturer sales from 2027 through 2032, similar to its recent rule for passenger cars. The difference is that the truck mandate is even more costly and fanciful.

EVs make up less than 1% of U.S. heavy-duty truck sales, and nearly all are in California, which heavily subsidizes and mandates their purchase. EPA’s rule will require electric models to account for 60% of new urban delivery trucks and 25% of long-haul tractor sales by 2032 (WSJ).


This EV truck mandate on manufacturers is not feasible. EV big rigs and commercial vehicles will need to make more stops for charging, will not be able to carry heavy weights and there are no charging stations available for commercial vehicles. This will drive up the cost of goods throughout the USA, as well as making farm, manufacturing more expensive - which equals less demand for product.

At this time, there is not even a single long-haul tractor truck on the market, and yet 25% of them are now supposed to be EVS?

Biden officials who have pushed these new mandates are well aware of damage they are doing, but believe that in the name of “climate change” it is justified. This will reduce the American standard of living and limit economic growth. Weaponizing government agencies to push activist agendas is especially detrimental to the American political system and must stop.