The World Forum - February 28, 2021

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Mom, kids fined $18K, sent to Canadian quarantine site for presenting 2-hour-expired COVID test at border

Are all these COVID-19 border measures legal? The Quarantine Act explained

The World Forum - February 27, 2021

Ontario man fined $3.8K at land border crossing amid confusion over who's 'essential'

The World Forum - February 26, 2021

Israel adopts law allowing names of unvaccinated to be shared

NBC Removes ‘Nurses’ Episode From Digital Platforms Following Backlash Over Orthodox Jewish Storyline

Man charged with sexual assault at Montreal quarantine hotel; woman says she felt 'helpless'

International travelers are walking out of Mississauga's Pearson Airport and ignoring quarantine rules

Quarantine screening officer charged with sex assault, extortion: Halton cops

The World Forum - February 25, 2021

The World Forum - February 24, 2021

Reiner Fuellmich With Other German Lawyers Class Action

The World Forum - February 23, 2021

Rare Blood Disorder Could Be Linked To Covid Vaccine

Federal workers paid $819 million to stay home during the pandemic under '699' clause

Federal officials unable to explain why former Liberal MP awarded $237M contract

The World Forum - February 22, 2021