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The World Forum - April 1st, 2023


The president of PharmaMar, among the more than 2,200 false Covid vaccinated

Critics of Trump Indictment: 'It's banana republic time'

The World Forum - March 31, 2023

Vancouver Canucks reveal plans to hold a DRAG SHOW before their annual 'Pride Night' game... with players also set to don LGBTQ warmup jerseys on the ice despite other NHL stars REFUSING to take part

Gender self-ID for children as young as 12 passed into law by British Columbia

Congress to consider new no-fly list for unruly passengers

Male powerlifter protests Canada's woke gender self-ID laws by saying he's a woman, then entering female contest and smashing bench press record

Data on Mass Murder by Government in the 20th Century

The World Forum - March 30, 2023

The World Forum - March 29, 2023

Canadian Climate Conference Delegates Spend Over $782,000 for Luxury Hotel With Low Eco-Friendly Rating

‘Mega strike’ hits Germany

The World Forum - March 28, 2023

WAPO: Why we’re still stuck in Trump’s world

NOT SATIRE: Transgender woman posts sobbing selfie in JFK bathroom after claiming female TSA agent punched her testicles

Migrants land at Key West International Airport

The World Forum - March 27, 2023

Boy, 3, 'with no symptoms' dies suddenly while watching cartoons

Video leaves many with impression China is building secret army in U.S. thanks to Biden’s open borders

The World Forum - March 26, 2023

Poilievre Meets With Biden, Raises Vaccine Requirement Issue for Canadians Visiting US

Victories by transgender cyclists prompt protests about 'unfair advantage'

The World Forum - March 25, 2023


First Arab street sign appears in Germany

Trans flight attendant, 25, who gained fame in United Airlines commercial kills herself

Cost of Ukraine reconstruction has surpassed the $400 billion mark

The World Forum - March 24, 2023

Uber says Ottawa has the worst passengers in Canada

Poilievre promises to sue big pharma for $44 billion over opioid crisis

Canadian University to investigate 'Communist's' shocking tweet over dead Edmonton officers

RCMP shared Freedom Convoy ‘blacklist’ across the world

The World Forum - 23 March 2023

Quebec slashes income taxes in new budget and promises more public spending

NOT SATIRE: Hundreds of trees to be felled for Cambridge bus route to tackle climate change

$88 million to quarantine unvaccinated Roxham Road border crossers